Sunday, November 9

Took a lil trip to Clairmont & if any of you have ever been there plz plz agree with me that it feels just like halloweentown in real life. Its a little town that's so cute but also so creepy. Everyone is super nice and keeps their doors unlocked & this elementary school we went into to take pictures was completely left open and all the little kids backpacks and things were just hanging on hooks outside the classrooms. Very odd....but cute? So the jean on jean trend is definitely a love or a hate thing, clearly I love (maybe too much) but sometimes feeling like a middle aged dad is ok with me. The jean jacket and jean pants are both thrifted, the halter is from Iguana in Hollywood & some pink converse from Savers. Also check out @sierraharris on Insta she has some super sick photography ides and what not !